My Case for Catholicism

[Originally posted on Facebook, June 3rd, the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.]

If I have a case to make for becoming, and remaining, Catholic, it has everything to do with the Eucharistic Jesus. The ecclesiastical bureaucracy too often scandalizes with its talk of mercy while throwing people away and betraying reconciliation; bourgeoisified Christianity likewise fosters the anti-Christ of counter-charity and scapegoating; the richness of Catholic culture and theology suffers trivialization and oblivion.

But Jesus never scapegoats; He is the scapegoat. He never betrays; He is the Betrayed. He never stops loving; He is unrequited Love.

In the desert of our lovelessness, His absolutely open Heart provides manna. Jesus pours Himself out without reserve in the Eucharist. In the darkest night, He never leaves us alone. He is right there, in every tabernacle in the world, at every Mass celebrated upon the altar of our long history.

To be Catholic is to see the Corpus on the Cross, and to enjoy the most tangible intimacy with our dear Lord and Savior.

To be Catholic is to suffer. But you will never suffer alone, for sweet Jesus speaks on our tongues, like bread, like wine. And the Word says one thing: I would give My life for yours every day, until the end of the world.

Happy Solemnity of Corpus Christi!